Factors that Contribute to Skin Cancer

Australians have the highest incidence of Skin Cancer in the world. In the northern regions we live with solar UV radiation all year round yet many people are complacent or neglectful in protecting their skin from the sun.  

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation in sunlight can affect anyone regardless of their skin type – yes even olive skinned people are at risk of Skin Cancer. If early detection is not made then Skin Cancer can spread to other parts of the body.

Several factors contribute to an increased risk of you developing skin cancer:-
- Sun exposure during childhood, especially without sunscreen
- Involvement in outdoor activities, including an outdoors career, sun-tanning, outdoor sports and leisure activities.
- Outdoor activity between the hours of 10am and 2 pm, as the solar UV radiation is more intense at this time
- A fair complexion, blue or green eyes and freckles, and skin which tans poorly and burns easily
- A previous incidence of Skin Cancer or Keratosis
- A family history of Skin Cancer
- Proximity to the equator - Queensland has a higher rate of diagnosed Skin Cancers than southern states