Skin Cancer Check

What Does a Skin Cancer Check at the Toowoomba Skin Cancer Clinic Entail?

At a skin cancer check at our clinic, the doctor will check your body for any lesions of concern using a Dermatoscope - precision high-resolution optical device with polarized lens system and LED lighting to allow the doctor to see the lesion magnified clearly with accurate colour portrayal. 

If there are any lesions that need monitoring these will be captured on our MoleMax system (digital imaging) for later referral.

Any recommended treatment will be discussed at this time and relative appointments made.

Treatment may vary from cryotherapy, Laser/ IPL treatment, Photodynamic therapy, to biopsies and complete excisions.  Most treatments are performed in-house by Dr Roos or Dr Vermeulen.

All specimens are sent to QML or Sullivan & Nicollades for histo-pathology.

In all instances, we aim for the best possible cosmetic outcome.

Education on sun safe practice is crucial and is given to all patients.

We understand that people are very self-conscious about “baring all”; please be assured that your comfort is important to us and at no stage will you feel exposed or vulnerable.

You will be asked to dress-down to your underwear and will be covered by a towel which will only be moved to expose the area of the body to be examined.

As a courtesy to clinic staff, please have a shower before your skin check if you work in a dirty environment.

It is a good idea to remove make up and nail polish before a skin check.

skin cancer excision Toowoomba
skin cancer excision Toowoomba

skin cancer excision Dr Eddie Roos
skin cancer excision Dr Eddie Roos

skin cancer excision Toowoomba
skin cancer excision Toowoomba